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Best Snow Jobs

Snow Jobs

Ski Instructor at Angel Fire Resort in New Mexico. The job pays $10 to $19 per hour and, best of all, it includes a free lunch! Angel Fire Ski Instructor Job 

Pro Football Player. These guys play football in their shirtsleeves when the temperature dips well below freezing. They get plenty of time off in the summer and the salary is amazing. Sports Authority Field Jobs at Mile High in Colorado 

Snow Plow Operator is a great job for the winter. You get to sit in the cozy warm cab of a giant truck that can go where no car dares. Occasional you can rescue a stranded motorist, or drive over a car buried in a snow bank. The State of Wyoming is offering $15.78 - $18.56 hourly for snow plow drivers. Of course, the work is seasonal. Wyoming Snow Plow Jobs 

Ice Skating Instructor. The city of Eagan Minnesota is looking for an ice skating instructor. This is almost a pay-for-play job that offers pay starting at $12.98- $20.85, depending on experience. City of Eagan, Minnesota Jobs 

Turndown Attendant. Vail Resorts is looking for a full time turndown specialist to work the winter season in Vail, Colorado. This job allows you to keep warm in the resort, while you prepare the beds for tired skiers. No word on pay or whether you can slip a mint in your pocket. Vail Resorts Careers 

Avalanche Removal Specialist. For those that like to use explosives and watch avalanches, this would be the dream snow job. Not only would you get to work in the snow, but you also get to blow it up. Avalanche Jobs 

Snowmobile Jobs. Who would have known that there is website for snowmobile jobs? Well, you are in luck, from mechanics to snowmobile sales, this page has all the information.

Featured Image: Snow Flake by Jason Rogers via flickr 

Image: Skiing, Tromso b Gunnar Hildonen via flickr

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